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Who is Tiara Janté?


Writer Extroadinaire

Tiara Janté is a sought after Ghostwriter & Literary Coach based out of north eastern Pennsylvania. Her writing services include manuscript writing, technical writing, copy writing, and blog/article writing.  Tiara also provides developmental editing services.

Tiara's debut book, "From Pitches to Bylines: A Mini Guide for Digital Media Professionals", reached the Top 100 list on Amazon in the sub-genre of Public Relations within the first 24 hours.  She has ghostwritten for social influencers, politicians, CEOs, and everyday extraordinary people with a story to tell. 

Tiara is proficient in writing in an array of genres, both fiction and non-fiction.  , however, she has a passion for memoirs and speculative fiction.

Tiara is also a published digital journalist with bylines on xoNecole, BAUCE Magazine, and In addition to her writing, Tiara serves as co-editor of Black Girl Magic Literary Magazine.

In recent news, Tiara was a recipient of a 2018 Locus Award for her contribution to the anthology, Luminescent Threads: Connections to Octavia Butler.  The anthology was also nominated for a Hugo award in the Best Related Works category in 2018.

Tiara is  currently a ghostwriter with Gotham Ghostwriters, one of the leading ghostwriting agencies in the country. 

The worst stories are the ones that go untold...

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